May 19th, 2022 - Product Updates and Data Additions


Thinknum API: Upcoming Additions and New Fields

The following changes and additions to our API feeds will go live on Monday May 23rd:

  • We will add SEDOL identifiers to all our API datasets in a column called #security.sedol. History API files will include the new identifier for all new history. Past dated history files for all datasets will be backfilled over the course of the next month.

  • We will add 3 new columns to the Glassdoor Reviews dataset: employer_website, employer_primary_industry_id, and employer_primary_sector_id. History API files will include the new columns for all
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May 12th, 2022 - Weekly Updates and Data Additions


For Recruiters & Headhunters: Your One-Stop Shop for The World's Top Developers

Hiring top tech talent has never been easier! Our new graph database of software engineers, AI/ML experts, developers, and coders allows you to scout for talent on the web's largest coder communities. Browse from over 26 million Kaggle, Github, and Stack Exchange users, and add filters to specify skillset or location - no matter how niche your requirements.

Data Additions

Crumbl Cookies
Hollard Insurance
Superdrug Stores
AbbVie - Botox Cosmetics

3Box Labs
Diagram Labs
Diamond DAO
End Game Interactive
General Galactic

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Thinknum responds to recent media reports: We’ve placed one co-founder on leave and continue to service our clients


This is a copy of our press release issued earlier today:

(New York City, May 11th, 2022) Thinknum Alternative Data, a leading alternative data solutions provider for investors and corporations, has placed co-founder Justin Zhen on leave. We remain fully operational and focused on servicing our clients.

We would like to correct some factual inaccuracies circulating in the press. Justin Zhen is not, and never has been, our CEO. He has never been in charge of our data collection technology or product. We provide and have only ever provided our clients with publicly available data. We do not provide and

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4 Ways People Analytics Teams Leverage Alternative Data for Talent Acquisition and Retention

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Noble Madu, Vin Vashishta

Vin Vashishta  00:02

I've been in data science for over 10 years. I worked in the people analytics HR technology space, off and on, for over seven years now. 25 years total in technology. Done way too much. And if I keep talking, I'm gonna sound older and older than I am. But one of my main areas of focus has been really on making data a strategic asset. And using the data science team leveraging us as strategic assets, because a lot of what's happened in the data

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