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Thinknum’s “Traction” metrics are comprised of real time, publicly available data, indexed from a company’s own website. Examples would include, HTTP Hits Per Second, viewers and channel count.

Let's take as an example for Amazon's Traction. Users will be able to view the hourly Channel Count and Concurrent Viewership by category, for the live streaming video platform.


Below is a query comparing the Concurrent Viewer Count for Apex Legends and Fortnite.


Here is the link for the documentation on the columns for this dataset:Columns Definition

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Screener Fulltext Search


The Fulltext search function scans Thinknum’s universe and returns companies that are and that are not associated with a user defined term.


Thinknum's screener populates a list of public and private tickers by searching homepages as well as subpages of one depth level. For example, the below output represents companies that are associated with the term "Blockchain".


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Change Over Time


The Change Over Time function simply generates a time series for the difference between a data point today and a user defined frequency.

For example, the below output represents the DoD% change in LinkedIn head count for Lululemon.


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Bank Account Rankings


View the rankings of bank accounts. In this dataset, users will be able to track the bank accounts by APY, category (checking or savings), monthly fee, as well as the bank’s name.

Here is the link for the documentation on the columns for this dataset: Columns Definition

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