Using Alternative Data to Boost Sales

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Creative Lead Gen Using Alternative Data

Use Alternative Data to Generate Leads

Alternative data has traditionally been used for investment or competitive intelligence purposes. Recently, savvy salespeople have started using the same data for prospecting. Here are multiple use cases across various industries.

Use Case 1: Prospecting via Job Listings

Analyze the job listings of over 10,000 companies on a daily basis. Track what companies are expanding by location as well as skillset via keywords in the job description.

Top tech companies that actively hiring data scientists who are potential users of business intelligence tools.

Use Case 2: Prospecting Restaurants

Use alternative data to identify over 1 million individual restaurants on major food delivery platforms by location and contact information.

Top restaurant chains along the west coast with an overlay of COVID-19 symptom (percent) map per county.

Use Case 3: Prospecting Doctors

Track all individual physicians on including details such as their accepted insurance and contact info.

Map the locations of fitness clubs with COVID19 symptom overlays in America.

Use Case 4: Prospecting Distributors

Identify targets to sell specific products by location, including contact info and details such as other products carried.

Distributors for Emerson Electric in the Central United States.

Use Case 5: Identify the Fastest Growing Startups

Use employment data updated daily to identify the fastest growing startups and businesses by location, industry and funding status.

Filter out the fastest growing companies ranked by their LinkedIn headcount MoM growth rate.

Use Case 6: Prospecting Brick & Mortar

Track over 1.6 million brick and mortar locations by brand with contact info.

View the major retailers by location in the Pittsburgh region.

Use Case 7: Prospecting Insurance Agents

Market to over 300,000 insurance agents by company.

Insurance agent footprints in Florida.

Use Case 8: Prospecting Auto Dealerships

Identify independent dealers as well as major chains including contact info.

Dealer stores in greater Chicago Area authorized by major car manufacturers: Ford, General Motor and Toyota.

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