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Analyze Metaverse Ecosystem in Real-Time

Thinknum’s Alternative Data Portal Into The Metaverse deck is a collection of competitors and investors intelligence insights focused on this emerging market and its key players.

Dive in to learn about real-time web data metaverse proxies to track companies movements in real time and make more informed business decisions.

Metaverse market worth USD 21.91 Billion in 2020 and is predicted to grow at 41.7% CAGR by 2030.

Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)


  • Job Listings
  • Web Traffic
  • Traction Data
  • Social Media Metrics

Track Hiring & Expansion Through Job Listings Data

Use Case: HR Trends are a Proxy for Company Performance

Monitor shifts in the labor market in real-time as a proxy for company performance and market moves.

Track hiring trends for competing 3D e-commerce solutions in real-time. Filter to gain in-depth competitive insights into specific market, location, and job categories.

Job Listings - Data Insight: As of January 2022 ThreeKit dominated Marxent Labs in terms of the number of open job listings. 300% Relative Change for Threekit and -14% for Marxent Labs.

At War for Talent

Understand Competitor’s Corporate Development Strategies

People analytics teams must track changes in competitors’ open job categories to understand their hiring, management, and growth strategy.

With Thinknum you can visualize thousands of job descriptions through our word cloud for insights into competitors’ hiring tactics, or for competitive positioning of your job listings.

Track HR Trends at competing NFT marketplaces: Rarible & OpenSea

Analyze Traction of Leading Marketplaces in Real-time

Tracking Number of Concurrent & Registered Users Across Platforms

With Thinknum’s traction dataset you can compare the number of registered users across Metaverse marketplaces and communities as a proxy for user engagement to understand which marketplaces, tokens and products are gaining traction.

Track App Reviews as a Proxy for Traction & Sentiment

Use Case: App Reviews are a Proxy for Company Performance

Track App Reviews for HighRise mobile-first Metaverse platform and others companies to understand how they grow their user base overtime and analyze the product sentiment.

App Reviews - Data Insight: HighRise’s app reviews count grew by 250% in 2021.

Web Traffic Data

Tracking Web Visitors for Interactive Entertainment Companies

Track website visitors in real time for leading interactive entertainment companies and providers of 3D engine technology.

Epic Games web traffic soared by 125% on December 27th 2021, setting record high engagements in comparison to EA & Activision Blizzard.

Analyze Twitter Followers Data

Tracking YoY % Growth vs. Followers Count: With Thinknum’s Twitter dataset you can compare the number of followers and % of growth across key players and communities in the Metaverse.

Twitter - Data Insight: Roblox dominates RecRoom by over 600K+ followers on Twitter - but Thinknum data shows RecRoom has been gaining traction on social media, with 150% growth as of January 4th 2022.

Analyze Instagram Data

Tracking YoY % Growth vs. Followers Count

As of December 2021 SuperRare dominated MakersPlace and Rarible when it comes to Instagram followers, with a base of 308,000 followers and 21% QoQ Growth.

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