Alternative Data for Nowcasting and Financial Markets

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Enable Nowcasting with Real-Time Alternative Data Insights

Thinknum’s Alternative Data, updated daily, plugs the information gap for estimates of those economic variables that are announced relatively infrequently and with long delays.

The most innovative investors leverage alternative data to form complete signals around underlying economic activity in real-time.

Compare Job Listings for Real-Time Market Moves

Mile High: View Competitors’ Job Listings

Monitor shifts in the labor market in real-time as a proxy for company performance and market moves. View the number of open job listings at United Airlines and American Airlines in real-time, for example. Filter to gain in-depth competitive insights into specific market, location, and job categories.

Track Changes in Employee Sentiment in Real-Time

No Filter Needed: Track CEO Ratings at Top Tech Companies

Most Nowcasting models lack effective tools to measure internal management in real-time. A positive work environment will actually boost future growth.

Employee reviews provide a platform for investors to gather and analyze employee sentiment data, which proves to be an effective way for improving senior management.

Get Ahead of Stock Spikes by Tracking Reddit Mentions

To the Moon!: Social Media Chatter Updated Hourly

Thinknum’s Reddit dataset repeatedly catches companies’s mentions increasing weeks in advance of spikes in stock price. Stay ahead of the trends by tracking the number of times companies are mentioned in the top 100 posts on r/WallStreetBets in real-time.

Track Employee Headcount for Hiring & Expansion Signals

The Race for the Vaccine: Who Will Defeat COVID-19?

Proxy for employee headcount in real-time by aggregating the number of LinkedIn profiles that list a company as their employer. Compare competitors’ headcount, or track corporate expansion and layoffs as they happen.

Analyze Web Traffic as a Leading Indicator for Stock Performance

Virtual Meetings: Track Real-Time Web Traffic

Track the number of visitors for specific online channels and websites, like Zoom. Identify topics and products that capture users’ interest.

Access historical web traffic data - including monthly pageviews, monthly unique visitors and average page views per user - to see who is winning the war for eyeballs in a given industry.

Visualize Real-Time Store Locations with Macro Overlay

Our Store Locations dataset allows users to compare brick-and-mortar locations across companies in real-time in a user-friendly map - a powerful tool for lead generation, competitive intelligence, and more.

As the electric vehicle race heats up, for example, map charging locations with precipitation data overlay to understand high risk areas exposed to extreme weather and where competitors are fighting for market dominance, all as it is immediately happening.

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As economic activity comes online, new data trails are left behind. The most innovative corporations and investors are using this data to get ahead.

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