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What is external data?

External data is any type of data that has been captured, processed, and provided from outside your company. It can come from a broad array of public online sources, including:

- company websites

- social media

- marketplaces

- government sources

Savvy HR leaders leverage external data to stay ahead of labor market trends, and for actionable insights on their competitors’ hiring, employee sentiment, recruitment tactics, and more.

People Analytics Datasets: Overview

Innovative HR leaders leverage external data for actionable insights to edge out competitors and stay ahead of labor market trends

Job Listings Data: Leverage our job listings data to get inside your competitors’ heads. Analyze millions of realtime and historical online job openings to learn what roles and locations your competitors are hiring, or track who is expanding and contracting.

Linkedin Data: Track headcount at thousands of companies to learn how quickly your competitors are growing. Filter by location, educational attainment, job positions, and more.

Employee Sentiment Data: Track quantitative and qualitative employee reviews for insights on your competitions’ management strategy. Read each review down to the text, by job position and location, for granular detail.

Analyze Competitors’ Hiring Strategies to Get Ahead

Apple: Hiring Shifts

Analyze the roles and locations your competitors are hiring, and track who is expanding or contracting. View hiring per job category over time to identify shifts in corporate strategy. Dive deeper by filtering for strategic positions, exotic skills, and role responsibilities.

Is Apple doubling down on its hardware or software businesses? Hiring by categories over time shows hardware and software new hires battling for supremacy.

Optimize Job Listing Descriptions to Attract Top Talent

Google: Competitive Job Marketing

View thousands of job descriptions through a word cloud for insight into your competitors’ hiring tactics. Attract top talent through competitive positioning of your job listings.

Job descriptions for senior managers (Director level or higher) at Alphabet indicate a broad range of skillsets.

Know When Competitors Are Planning to Move Next Door

Caterpillar: Strategic Workforce Planning

Leverage our job listings data to get inside your competitors’ heads. With our dashboard view you can track job listings by location in real time, or get customized alerts and reports when selected companies are planning to expand to a specific geography.

Map open job listings at Caterpillar in real time for a geographic sense of their expansion strategy.

Real-Time Insights in the Post- Pandemic World

Amazon: Remote Hiring

Filter job listings for specific keywords and classifications, such as remote positions, to track a company’s hiring strategy and patterns in real time.

Remote hiring at Amazon peaked in April, but slumped as offices reopened and people returned to work.

Achieve Your Time-to-Hire Goals Against the Benchmark

AMD & NVDA: Forecasting and Fulfilling

By tracking job listings by title and location over time, you can compare the efficiency of your selection process against your peers. Track how quickly AMD and NVIDIA fill their critical tech talent positions in Data Science and Machine Learning. You can view this easily on an individual, position-specific level with our Recruitment Analyzer.

Assess Linguistic Gender Bias to Support Diversity & Inclusion

Gendered wording in corporate job listings is a persistent problem, according to research by experts in the field. Our gender decoder lets you analyze specific job descriptions to check for masculine bias. After analyzing millions of job listings at 40 major companies, for example, we found that technology companies are on average 10% less biased compared to other sectors.

Evidence That Gendered Wording in Job Advertisements Exists and Sustains Gender Inequality (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, July 2011, Vol 101(1), p109-28)

Employee Sentiment Data Big Tech Case Study

Measure & Improve the Value of Your Employer’s Brand

Microsoft vs IBM: Employee Engagement

Research suggests happy workers can be good for profits. Negative employee reviews, meanwhile, are often early indicators of corporate struggles. Our employee sentiment datasets track quantitative and qualitative employee reviews at 450,000 companies, with 11 years of historical data. They allow HR managers to benchmark employee sentiment and understand industry and workforce trends.

Employee sentiment scores have diverged at Microsoft and IBM over the past year.

Insure Your Brand

Away: Employee Reviews

Track individual employee reviews for insights on your competitions’ management strategy. Read each review down to the text, by job position and location, for granular detail. Or use our word cloud tool to reveal trends and patterns.

Employee sentiment revealed signs of a toxic work culture at Away before news broke that CEO and co-founder Steph Korey was stepping down.

Big Tech: Diversity & Inclusion

Analyze employee sentiment on Diversity & Inclusion across nearly 10,000 companies. Track how Oracle has improved its D&I ratings more than the other Big Tech players over the past 3 months. Even dive deeper into specific employee reviews, detailing toxic work culture at Apple, for example.

LinkedIn Employees by Facet Data Food & Beverage Case Study

Track Employee Locations

Coca-Cola: Geographic Hiring Patterns

To proxy for employee headcount, use the aggregated number of LinkedIn profiles that list a company as their employer. Compare competitors’ headcount, or track corporate expansion and layoffs, all in real time. You can also filter by location, educational attainment, and job positions, for deep insights into a company’s workforce.

Visualize Coca-Cola’s employee count in different countries across the globe, tracking how hiring strategies are evolving over time.

Know Your Competitors

AVGO vs SWKS Case Study: Desired Skillsets

Compare in-demand skillsets between competitors to pinpoint emerging trends and improve your hiring strategy. Take advantage of easy-to-use visualizations to stay ahead of the competition.

Broadcom and Skyworks Solutions both compete in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, but their employees display different skillsets. What can this reveal about each company’s growth strategy?

Leverage External Data for People Analytics to Gain Actionable Insights on Labor Market Trends.

Strategize and make better decisions with Workforce Analytics data accessible through a user-friendly interface and API.

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