Generating Alpha Using Alternative Data in Capital Markets

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Stay Competitive in the Capital Markets

As companies move their business operations online, new data trails are being created that can be leveraged to make more informed investment decisions. This guide highlights use cases of alternative data across multiple sectors.

Track Location Expansion and Competition

Track where a company is growing or contracting geographically by individual locations. Overlay competitors and quantify how crowded a specific location is. Connect with demographics data to understand how macro trends affect specific companies.

Analyze the nearest competitors to each GameStop store within a two mile radius.

Track Hiring Plans by Company

Get inside management’s head and track their expansion strategy. Identify the number of job openings by category and location over time.

Track the total number of job postings for major utility companies over the past year.

Analyze Commercial REITs

Track each individual tenant for specific REITs and commercial malls. Identify tenant exposure by company and analyze vacancy rates by location over time.

Track the square footage of all tenants for commercial REITs Rexford & First Industrial Realty.

Analyze Car Sales on a Daily Basis

Track the prices and sales for millions of cars on dealership platforms updated daily. Break down by attribute such as brand, type, model and year.

View the prices of new cars by brand on

Track Social Chatter

Identify what brands consumers are talking about on social media across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Find out which fitness club brands get the most user engagement on Facebook.

Analyze User Feedback onMobile Apps

Identify which companies are building mobile apps that are well received by their customers. Track the number of ratings to determine popularity for specific apps

Track the mobile app rating growth for major streaming services.

Break Down Self-Storage Pricing by City

Track prices for millions of self-storage units by location updated daily. Filter by specific product type.

Self-storage prices by size have declined by more than 20% on average over the past 12 months.

Real-Time Viewership Numbers

Track the number of viewers for specific channels online updated on an hourly basis. Identify the topics and products viewers are engaged in.

Track how video game channels gain & lose traffic on Twitch during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Screen the Fastest Growing Companies

Identify the fastest growing companies according to headcount. Filter by industry, location and company size.

The fastest growing companies ranked by employee growth month over month.

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As economic activity comes online, new data trails are left behind. The most innovative corporations and investors are using this data to get ahead.

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