January 29th, 2020 - Product Updates and Data Additions

Product Updates

Min / Max Aggregations for Dates

You can now run Minimum and Maximum aggregations for dates. For any dataset, you can see for each company when a time series started as well as the most recent data point.

Discounted Products by Vendor Dataset

Thinknum's Discounted Products by Vendor dataset tracks the number of discounted items being sold at a retailer. By tracking how promotional a retailer is, users can see how inventory is being moved. Product discounting occurs when a retailer is struggling to move inventory, which correlates to its revenue and margins.

Data Additions


Lotte Shopping
AO Logistics
Breedon Group
Crown Cork
CVS Group

REIT Tenants

Lotte Shopping

Product Reviews

Card Factory

Retail Products


Job Listings

Koenig & Bauer
Corteva Agriscience

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