January 8th, 2020 - Product Updates and Data Additions

Product Updates

MoM Charts

You can now access MoM changes in charts in addition to YoY, QoQ and WoW previously. For example, track the average discount of LULU products on a MoM basis as a proxy for their holiday season sales.

Products by Vendor Dataset

Thinknum's Products by Vendor dataset tracks the number of items being sold at a retailer. Users will be able to view product pricing down to the individual SKU level, per vendor. This gives an insight into a company’s manufacturing plan, while the amount of promotions gives an insight into the margins and revenue of the retailer.

Data Additions

Product Reviews

Pep Boys

Retail Products

New York Times

REIT Tenants

Weingarten Realty



Job Listings

Hargreaves Lansdown
Weis Markets

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