Sales Analyses for Car Inventory

Daniel Begonja on

For any car inventory dataset, you can use the sales analyser to see which individual cars are sold on a daily basis.

Let's use the Carmax inventory dataset as an example:

Type in the number of lookahead days in the sales analyzer. This represents the number of days in the future that will be checked to see if the same car returns to the target website. Most users go with 38 lookahead days for Carmax but the optimal number varies from company to company.


For each individual car, a new column called "Is Sold?" will be created with either a "Yes" or "No". To see all the cars that have been filled, filter for "Is Sold?" is equal to "Yes."

Now you will only see all the cars that were sold. Group by "As of Date" to see the number of cars sold on a daily basis. Or create an aggregation to see the total number of cars sold for any given period. You can also aggregate by the sum of the price to see the total price of all the cars that were sold.

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