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Scraping mobile app API


This article is written by Lukas Prokein, frontend engineer at Thinknum. We started crawling the web in 2014, and to-date have aggregated alternative data on 500,000 companies worldwide. Our users (300+ investment firms, hedge funds, internet companies and more) access these datasets via UI and an API.

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In this blog post I'll go through the process of creating a scraper for the REST API used by a food delivery mobile app, when there's no web interface

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Our Reddit Mentions dataset is now live!


Thinknum’s new Reddit Mentions dataset tracks the number of times NYSE and NASDAQ tickers are mentioned in the top 100 posts on r/WallStreetBets and r/Stocks in real time. The dataset went live last week and allows equity analysts and portfolio managers to know when one of their portfolio companies is being talked about on Reddit. It’s been featured on CNNgo, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Business Insider! Interested? You can request a demo here.

Demand from hedge funds and other asset managers has been massive, and interest comes from two main use cases. Users

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Common pitfalls: Creating a custom NPM package with React and TypeScript


This article is written by Vojtech Rinik, lead frontend engineer at Thinknum. We started using React in 2014, and currently it powers most of our UI. We're at version 16.8 now, enjoying the latest features in this recent release. If you're in NYC and enjoy writing React code, check out our open positions.

I recently decided to create a private NPM package for some of the UI we use in our apps. The goal was simple. I wanted to install and start using the package with one line of code: yarn add rainbow-buttons. ("Rainbow" buttons being an example.)


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