Case Studies

Who is Fueling The American Jobs Machine?


Mass layoffs across an ever-growing number of mighty tech companies are a sign that America’s formidable jobs machine has slowed. But the American labor market is still whirring, adding more than 250,000 positions in October. The number of  job openings across developed economies remains near record highs, too, and the unemployment rate near record lows.

So we wondered: which companies are hiring aggressively, despite the economic storm clouds ahead? What are the most in-demand positions and locations? We turned to our job listings data for some answers, focusing especially on the Travel & Leisure, Energy, and Utilities industries.

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Keeping an Automated "Eye" on CI


If you are like most people who produce analysis and market intelligence for your organization, you have a wealth of internal data that you could utilize. Whether you are in strategic development, corporate finance, marketing, sales or even HR, you have data about your customers, your sales, your employees and more. However, you also need a stream of information about your suppliers, competitors and even what your customers are doing outside of their relationship with you. You need to keep an eye on their online activity, too. How can you avoid simply growing the number of information gatherers, analysts and

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Stay Ahead of Global Volatility with Alternative Web Data


Thinknum is an alternative data web platform capturing the digital footprint of 400,000 companies in real time.

This deck includes 5 cases studies on how traders can use alternative web data to stay ahead of global volatility.

NASDAQ: TSLA How tracking job listings data generated volatility signals prior company's reorganization

NASDAQ: AAPL How tracking sales rank per vendor data generated signal on the fall of Apple stock prices

NYSE: LC How tracking loans issued data alerted investors of anomalies which resulted in steep decline of Lending Club's stock prices

NASDAQ: LULU How declines in average discount can be a

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Thinknum tracks online economic activity in real-time across the blockchain, crypto, and NFT industries. As new blockchain platforms and products are launched seemingly every day, leverage our alternative web data for actionable insights on digital assets.


Track the number of commits on Github for 1800+ cryptocurrencies as a proxy for token takeup.

Github commits climbed in late 2020 and early 2021 in the lead up to Syscoin’s spectacular price spike several months later.


Compare registered users across a multitude of Telegram and Discord blockchain communities as a proxy for user engagement, to understand

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Using Alternative Data to Boost Sales


Creative Lead Gen Using Alternative Data

Use Alternative Data to Generate Leads

Alternative data has traditionally been used for investment or competitive intelligence purposes. Recently, savvy salespeople have started using the same data for prospecting. Here are multiple use cases across various industries.

Use Case 1: Prospecting via Job Listings

Analyze the job listings of over 10,000 companies on a daily basis. Track what companies are expanding by location as well as skillset via keywords in the job description.

Top tech companies that actively hiring data scientists who are potential users of business intelligence tools.

Use Case 2: Prospecting

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As economic activity comes online, new data trails are left behind. The most innovative corporations and investors are using this data to get ahead.

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